Wednesday, November 4, 2015

GOP Wins In Virginia, For What Good It Will Do

"Virginia Republicans look set to hold onto their Senate majority in the Old Dominion, amid aggressive campaigning by Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

"It is a big defeat for McAuliffe, a close ally for Hillary Clinton, and a big defeat for New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who donated heavily to Democrats in the hope of winning the Virginia electoral fights on a promise of more gun-control.

"Republicans beat back two serious challengers Tuesday, holding onto seats in the suburbs of Richmond and the Hampton Roads area."

You see, real people don't like gun control and Hillary Clinton, and when the voting is not obscured by millions of illegal aliens and newly released black felons voting unlawfully, election results generally reflect that fact. For what good it does to elect Republicans at all. Nowadays about the best thing that can be said for Republicans is that they look nicer than Democrats, slightly less bizarre and psychotic, and that they are a little more discreet in their personal perversions.

It is still possible for White people to win local and statewide elections, even in the increasingly niggerized and mongrelized South, although that probably won't last long. For example, they figure Texas is going to be a blue state by 2020 and that's it, any remaining chance that the Republican party has to gain the White House is gone, due to our antiquated and absurd electoral college system. 

The only real chance the Republican party has to survive is to become exactly what the Democrats accuse them of being--the opposition party of White resistance. And the chances of that happening are roughly the same as the chances of pigs levitating on the White House lawn.


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