Tuesday, November 10, 2015

...And Now The FBI Fights Back


"Sounds to me like a full-blown inquiry," someone sez.

You know, this is starting to be a bit of a roller-coaster. Maybe the Hildebeest isn't getting her media cover back, although I have to admit, it looks like she's got Salon locked up again. For the time being, anyway.

One of the more interesting comments here is that the FBI is reluctant to issue actual subpoenas for documents or witnesses because it would tip off the Clinton machine as to how much they actually know and in what direction the investigation is heading. That's got to be slowing things down, knowing that for once they're going up against an opponent who has billions of dollars and mucho political juice at her command.

Also, pity the poor FBI man who tries to bring the Hildebeest down now, at the behest of his current caramel-colored masters, and then she gets "elected" anyway. He may spend the rest of his career in Anchorage, Alaska. Or else he may be found lying dead of a "suicide" in a nearby state park, as was the case with Vince Foster, Hillary's last known heterosexual lover. 

I have to admit, watching this endless election is starting to get amusing. Seriously, do you think she'd stop running even if she was indicted? Would she campaign from a jail cell? They do it all the time in South America.

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