Saturday, December 5, 2015

Trump And De Niggaz, Part Deux

Okay, guys, you remember what I have been telling you, that Donald Trump is not "one of us" and that the closer he gets to the nomination and the presidency, the more he will betray us? This is a warning sign you guys need to heed. Let me run this down for you again. 

Trump's strategy, which actually makes a hell of a lot of sense from his purely narcissistic and cynical point of view, is to try and capitalize on the fact that de niggaz is finally waking up to the fact that all this massive Third World immigration is bad for them as well as for White people, and the waves of squamous brown New Democrats are taking their welfare, their jobs, and their place in the Democratic pecking order.

For several generations, the GOP has salivated at the thought of getting that massive black bloc vote to "break the plantation" and desert the Democrats. Trump is now promising this, and it might be enough to get some kind of surly, reluctant endorsement from the Republican establishment for his candidacy once he gets the nomination, as it now appears he will.

At the very least, the promise of breaking the Democrat monopoly on black votes may be enough to prevent the country club Republican set from having Trump murdered by some funny little "loner" who appears in the crowd with a gun in his hand, after having received a telephone call that told him he had miles to go before he sleeps.

This means that he will be cozying up to de niggaz like mad from now until election day, and this means that "we", (however you define "we") are definitely not invited to the party.

Play around with Trump all you want, use him to play pranks on niggaz and beanerz all you want, but remember--he is going to betray us.

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