Wednesday, September 2, 2015

U.S. Allies Bomb U.S. Consulate

by Bill White

The Kurdish People's party, the PKK, a banned Communist terror group that the United States has been supplying with weapons to fight the Islamic State, shot up the U.S. Embassy in Istanbul August 10 in revenge for American support for Turkey, which has been bombing PKK strongholds in Syria and Iraq also as part of the normal campaign against the Islamic state.

The attacks were not the first time that weapons provided by the United States have been used against it. The
United States built Al Qaeda up in the 1980s as part of an anti-Soviet terror campaign, only to have Al Qaeda attack the World Trade Center in 2001, if one believes mainstream accounts of 9-11. And the Islamic state itself has been battling U.S. proxies with weapons captured from the U.S.-equipped army of Iraq. But the attack on the U.S. consulate may represent the first time that the United States has been attacked with its own weapons, yet continued to supply those weapons to the attackers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that "there was little sign of alarm" over the consulate bombing by Barack Hussein Obama's negro and mulatto government in
Washington. The nonchalant reaction by the Head Negro In Charge is par for the course for a régime that seems to neither know nor care what it's doing in foreign countries, particularly when Jewish interests are being protected.

U.S. involvement in the war against the Islamic State began after the Caliphate overran one third of Iraq, and began executing American spies and CIA assets, who had been paid to infiltrated under the cover of journalists, and aid organizations. Up to that point, neo-conservative Jews in Washington and their Gentile puppets like John McCain and Lindsey Graham had been urging Obama to arm the Islamic State, as it was fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, an opponent of the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

After going to war with the Islamic State, the United States shifted its support to a network of Kurdish Communists who have been fighting the government of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and, Iran for 50 years. Being a Marxist himself, Obama felt affinity for the Kurds. The Zionist entity had already made a deal with the Kurdistanis, buying their black-market oil. Now, Obama started to pump in money and weapons.

The problem, of course, is that the Kurds immediately turned those weapons on
Turkey, whom the United States is obliged to defend, as Turkey is a NATO ally. And the PKK is an indexed terrorist organization which the United States is prohibited from aiding under its own laws. None of this stopped Obama, who was too ignorant and apathetic to understand what he was doing. And none of this upset the Jews, who used their media to generate nonsense news stories about the progressive feminism of the Kurdish Communist cultist women's brigades.

After a few months of this,
Turkey grew sick of it and did exactly what the United States asked it to do. Turkey began bombing Iraq and Syria, and deployed its military in preparation for establishing a 50-mile deep buffer zone inside Syria. The Jewish media and the U.S. government portrayed this is the start of a Turkish campaign against the Islamic State, ignoring the fact that the Kurdish Communists had recently captured from the Islamic State the land that is now to be the Turkish occupied buffer zone.

So for all of its efforts, the
U.S. appears to have restarted the civil war in Turkey without gaining anything in Syria or the Islamic State. Americans are assured that this is another sign that we're winning.

Actually, it's all a side affect of placing half witted blacks and mulattos in the government. Blacks are not a smart people, and while the TV can make them look smart, everything blacks run from
Haiti to Detroit runs dumb until it runs down. Rhodesia and South Africa have learned this lesson. Now it's America's turn.

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