Thursday, September 17, 2015

Debate Nonsense

I didn't watch the alleged "debate" because A) these things are irredeemably silly, and B) I don't have a television. Why should I pay almost a hundred dollars per month to watch crap? I just listened to the Limbaugh review in the morning.

I understand that Trump did walk back his (entirely correct) comment on Carly Fiorina having a face like a horse. Other than that, the second attempt to take Trump out by getting him to say something completely beyond bounds has failed; his popularity seems to be holding well over 50% in a field of 17.

These things are dog and pony shows, and unless Trump actually shows up to the next debate wearing a Swastika armband, they're not going to be how he gets put down. I suspect certain men in boardrooms and expensive suits are already starting to look around for a likely "Nikolayev." Get that obscure historical reference, if you've got the cop-on.

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