Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Glenn Beck Asks White Men To Embrace Black Communism

by Bill White

 Zionist talk show host Glenn Beck has begun to intervene in the conflict around the Bundy Ranch, in Clark County, Nevada, by urging White workers to embrace negro Communist Martin Luther King and abandoning a rhetoric threatening revolution against the neo-Marxist régime itself.

In his continuing response to the armed standoff in which citizen militias forced the Bureau of Land Management to back down and return several hundred cattle stolen from rancher Cliven Bundy, Beck told his listeners that “the U.S. military has been prepared for the Bubba Revolution for a long time. They’re prepared for you. I know. I’m friends with the men trained to do this. You say you want a revolution. Do you have a plan? Because they have a plan and you’re not going to like it.”

Beck then went on to make a veiled attack on the American Free Press, saying “These guys have wanted a revolution for a long time.” Beck compared AFP and White militants at Bundy Ranch to Malcolm X and then claimed he was Martin Lither King Jr., as common thread on Beck’s show.

Martin Lither King Jr. was a fringe black Communist who was deified after his 1968 assassination, King’s Communist politics, which called for internationalism, open borders, and the forced and false “equality” of the races largely mirror Beck’s own.

Beck is an establishment shill who never hesitates to abandon his own pretended principle when they conflict with the financial interests that control him. Beck has never hesitated to embrace militant homosexualism and other extremist causes when they serve his purposes. For instance, when the global élite decided to demonize Vladimir Putin during the Sochi Olympics, Beck stepped in with nonsense concept called “hetero-fascism” and joined the bandwagon against Putin’s Christian and conservative views.

As such, it is no surprise that Beck will be standing with the forces of American tyranny when they decide to massacre White workers. Beck often brags of the Mossad bodyguards the Zionists in Palestine have thoughtfully provided him, and is part of the fetishization of U.S. Special Forces, who are ordinary people who have been tortured and abused by the military until the basic human circuitry that keeps them from doing wrong has been overridden, in the same way that dogs become vicious after being fed gunpowder. U.S. Special forces, being lightly armed, are placed in the most high-risk situations and tend to suffer the most casualties, even when fighting goat herders in Somalia and Afghanistan. But in return for being cannon fodder and being willing to commit any crime they’re asked, the wealthy interests they protect celebrate them in the media.

As the segment drew to an end: Beck made his viewpoint clear: “Is there any question that if [Constitutional militias] took power, they’d put me and [co-hosts] Pat and Stu on trial for betraying the revolution? There’s no question in my mind.”

[Yeah, I know, this one's a little dated. But Beck is just such an ass!]

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  1. This guy spearheaded the Tea Party in 2008. The only honorable thing for Glenn Beck to do at this point is to quietly bow out of the entire game. He's betraying the rabble he roused for big media money sincerely believing, like many fringe neocons, that he built his empire on his own. He didn't. He built it on his fans who believed his stupid rhetoric that may had some sincerity before the money or the oddball religion started changing his tune. He owes his media empire on the listeners, and now to the shills backing him as a mouthpiece in hopes that his opinions still have credibility as a populous in the old (dying off boomers in the) fox news GOP circuits.

    Glenn Beck is a Has Been blowhard sellout that made rabble rousing the far right his bread and butter, and is now shamelessly telling his audience to fuck off and die. He sold us a load of goods, and insults us for carrying the bag.

    Glenn Beck, if you are reading this, bow out from relevance and get a new job as a nameless sports announcer. Get some therapy, a real religion, and some psychiatric help. Put these ostentatious parables to rest. Your moral compass in determining what's right for us the people is so fucked that you really need personal time to think over your life before you alienate your audience to the point that there are armed men dragging you out of your condo either as the Average White working class you soooo try to act like you're a part of, or those "friends" in Special ZoG forces accept the contract under the coming neomarxist regime for "violently inciting". We know you're a coward who wants to both preserve a career is jabbering opinionated bullshit and save your own skin like you can have both at the same time. You can't, and you're going to have to pay for the consequences when money can no longer guarantee your safety. Unless you blew your fortune on that old liquor habit or have a stupendous ego as the radios biggest retard, there's no reason not to because you're set. for. life.

    This is your intervention. When Judgement strikes on your head in whichever way because of the stupid hypocritical crap you said for money in leading others astray, Let it be known that it was only a google search away to reflect on what people really see you as.