Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is Hillary Collapsing?

This Italian guy at the L. A. Times seems to think the Sea Hag is unstoppable, still. He does have a few points; she's still leading in the polls, although the whole question of just how accurate these goddamned polls are, who is doing them, and why is one which requires lengthy study.

Would multiple federal indictments stop the Hildebeest? Not sure. She is quite capable of running for president while she's out on bail. 

Does Obama have the balls to go that far in order to get his houseboy Old Pink Joe into 1600? Suppose the Hildebeest gets in despite it all? What will happen to all Barry's mulattos and house honkies then?  I can understand why there are so many in the Democratic party who are willing to do anything to keep the vile crone out of that Oval Office. They're scared of what she'll do in retaliation for what she believes to be a lifetime of petty slights and disprespect for Her She-Ness or whatever.

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