Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What To Do About Trump?

What the hell are the RINOs going to do? They just can't seem to make him go away.

The thing is, Trump is waving a hot cross bun under their RINO noses that they may not be able to resist--the possibility that he might be able to bring in a significant number of nigger votes, for the first time in three generations.

This is going to get really interesting come Iowa time.

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  1. Cleveland Artist Marc Breed has been invited to open the 2016 RNC. Here are his scheduled opening remarks;

    "Americans have earned the right to mandate which forests remain. To have sex with 13 year old Thai girls, and to wear the softest possible garments made of slave labor. You may emigrate here. But ask African-Americans, just how long this fraternity's hazing.

    We are a beacon & a target. Who among you shall lead us?"