Saturday, October 24, 2015

This May Be The Last One

Looks like the Dems have decided to give Hillary back her inevitability, possibly as the only way of keeping Donald Trump and/or Ben Carson out of the White House.

If it's going to be the Hildebeest in 2016, we need to really enjoy the election show. It may be the last one we ever see.

No kidding. I am not convinced that the tattered remains of Amurrica can survive eight years of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

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  1. The only reason the Republican party is the default vote for white people and white males in particular is that the opposition party is the Gibs Me dat welfare party. Lets be honest, the majority of the republican party represents white people of every background who doesn't want to hand their civilization, capital, and their productive capability to nonwhites or lazy asses who didn't do anything to earn it.

    Libertarianism, capitalism, israel, muh bible, and all the other crap that right wing thinktanks chatter about in their ivory tower pseudointellectual circles and superPACs are all extras that white people aren't that particularly interested in.

    The republican party is attempting to increase diversity to get cheaper labor to depress working class wages and displace white voters so their careers aren't reliant on appeasing their core constituents. They can play the interests against eachother to further their private intrigues within the state while the state loses its founding character as the government more and more behaves like an imperial domain.

    This works for a limited time. However the republicans who do this are going to run out of backers that will tolerate the insatiable demands of the alien rabble, and shortly replaced by a social democratic coalition who will legislate against the capital interests of the Republican backers who invited the very people they've exploited. Not only will native white people be unrepresented and robbed of their country by an alien imperial state, but so will the GOP be robbed as well or thrown out of the parliamentary process entirely.

    White people need to stop supporting the Republican party as they aim only to exploit white people just as much as the democrats. The republican party has always squeezed white people for bourgeois interests using reactionary politics holding on their purses for dear life to keep whites politically dysfunctional reacting to facade issues rather than solve the root of their dispossession by rootless cosmopolitan politics.

    Stop voting for a system that doesn't care about white people and stop respecting a government that actively betrays your interests. Stop writing your congressman when you're not a campaign contributor with at least $1 million dollars to spare. And for god sakes, stop consuming cable news that has been pre-screened and spun to fit a propagandists message. Read alternative sources that aren't bought by shills that use actual nonbias reporters.

    Americas gave up its freedoms and principals to a consumer culture that promotes ignorance, fear, and conformity to comfort. White republicanism is the path to ethnic suicide because they are bourgeois weaklings who've became cowards to defend their privileges rather than men who defend their interests.