Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More Hillary E-Mails Found

I've said from the beginning that the Hillary Clinton e-mails weren't necessarily gone. Copies exist, or at least existed--the copies on the servers of those who received and sent e-mails to the Sea Hag's secret account.

Now it turns out that the Sea Hag was in fact using a "cloud" backup, which is a stupid trendy quasi-techie name for keeping a backup copy of data on an outside server, and Obamna's secret police are going to be getting hold of those copies. 

All of this, of course, is just a preliminary to the most fascinating question of all: what is in those e-mails that the Hildebeest has tried so hard to hide from the rest of the world? Could it be they contain the true secret of Benghazi? Which is not anything the Hildebeest did or didn't do, but where was Barack Obama while it was all going down?

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  1. This website is called the white republican, but it should be more appropriately named the hated democrat. Hillary Clinton has nothing but the most morally estranged dependent base while representing the most corrupt interests in history as if Tammany hall moved into Pennsylvania avenue.
    Not only does the republican half of the US electorate hate her, but even half of the Democratic power establishment are against her. Maybe even amongst Obama's Camp. She cannot downplay her ineffective, dishonest role as secretary of state, and is forever entwined with the Obama administration in the public eye.

    Donald Trump is likely going to be The White Republican that nobody can control or moderate with donation handlers, and given the massive growth of US Federal Executive Authority, may as a result become our first American Imperator that can threaten the US Congress with his sheer popularity amongst the broad reactionary base who remain majority shareholders in what counts as the US democratic process.