Monday, October 26, 2015

Her Inevitability Is Back

Okay, looks like the Hildebeest has her media cover back. Barry's houseboy Joe Biden has flaked on them, for whatever reason, possibly through fear of ending up like Vince Foster and so many others. The Dems have suddenly realized that if they don't let up on the Sea Hag they may end up with Donald Trump in the White House, and so they've panicked and they're falling back into line.

This Jew Halperin has a point, although not precisely the one he's making. All the scandals simply don't make any difference. In November 2016 out come the hordes of millions of illegal aliens and millions of nigger felons newly released from prison, courtesy of Barry and with fully restored voting rights. 

Elections are frankly meaningless anyway; the last several have been outright rigged, although it's open for debate as to when the last truly "free" (i.e. un-tampered with) national elections were held in this country? 1984, maybe?

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