Friday, July 24, 2015

The Sea Hag's E-Mail Scandal Ain't Going Away

Looks like the Obamanable Snowmen are still trying to do down the Hildebeest. Poor Hildebeest! The One's tame bureaucrats are calling for her to be criminally investigated merely because she broke the law, as if that matters any more. It was just last November when The One Himself said "We don't need no stinking law!"

Good God, Carruthers, do they not understand who this woman is? Do they not get that she is inevitable? Do they not understand that it her her turn now? dare they? [Sputter! Splutter!]

In one way I'd love to see Huma and the Hildebeest slither up onto the throne in 2017, just to watch what she does to certain members of her own party once she finally has the Power after a lifetime of humiliation and frustration at the hands of all those wicked, evil men ... Gawd, her vengeance will be terrible.

It will like being ruled by the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland, and many of the heads that leave their shoulders will be Democratic. I can see why they're anxious to stop her.


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