Sunday, July 26, 2015

No One Wants This Vile Crone

One of the first things everyone needs to understand about the Hillary Clinton campaign is that no one wants this ageing, cackling crone to be President of the United States.

Normal people don't want her.

The abnormal people who comprise her own party base do not want her.

The nabobs who comprise her own party's leadership do not want her; they are utterly terrified of the vengeance this deranged woman will wreak on them for decades of real and imagined slights, once she gains actual power.

George Soros does not want her, which is why he created the repulsive Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, a kind of Frankenstein monster unleashed on this country by a foreign Jew.

Even Salon magazine doesn't want her, she has so worn out her welcome and she is so totally oblivious to the fact that her fifteen minutes was up fifteen years ago

Nobody wants her.

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