Thursday, July 30, 2015


The usual rant-and-rave warning precedes this post. If it offends you, I don’t give a damn. 

If you partake in the barely-organized chaos of Twitter, you have no doubt heard of the #cuckservative tag. I can think of no better word for these things. We used to call them RINOs, but that made less and less sense as this became more common among Republicans. Soon, it was clear that the whole party was full of RINOs. 

But the reference to a cuckold is an apt one. Like the cuckold who knows his wife cheats on him, bangs other men on the side, and is so helplessly attached to her approval, the Cuckservative knows, just as you and I do, that politics in America have separated on ethnic, religious and interest group lines. And furthermore, he knows these battle-lines are drawn against him. But he would rather submit to the will of the enemy and beg for terms (that won’t be given) than fight back.

They know that black men, between the ages of 15 and 29 are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime than the American average. Yet, this is hush-hush in the Cuckservative circles. They are afraid of being called racist.

They know the feminist movement is misandrist, that it hates men and, according to some of the more radical feminists, wants to kill all of them, if a practical method could be found to pull it off. Yet they fear mentioning it, because they might be called sexist. 

They know that leftism is racist against White people, and wishes to be rid of them, but they fear mentioning it, because they Left might call them names. 

Then they will attempt to play the cop out card and say “leftists are the real racists.” Yes, this one is actually true (something I’ve noted in the past), but they use this as an excuse to avoid discussing unpleasant truths about crime, culture, and race in America. It’s like saying “women like big dicks.” Well yes, that’s generally true, but that’s not an excuse to let your wife sample a different man every night, like she was trying a different recipe for dinner. 

Leftism wants to destroy the West. All of it. Its history, its culture, its people, its legacy. It wants to erase the notion that White European Civilization ever existed in the first place.

 This is a war of cultural annihilation, folks. This is Orwellian erasure of everything about you. When millions of people come to America, or Britain, or Sweden, it is called immigration. When millions of Europeans come to, say, Nigeria, it is called invasion, imperialism, etc… When a Japanese person wears a suit of Western design, it is good. When a Western person wears a kimono of Japanese design, it is cultural appropriation. 

Whenever any European country, or European-descended country (America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc etc…) attempts to secure its own borders and control immigration, it is called racist, evil, etc… Of course it’s fine when everyone else does it. Cuckservatives note how effective Israel is at securing its own borders through immigration controls, walls, armed men, etc… but then deny that America could do the same. It won’t work, they claim. 

And #cuckservatives buy into this notion. They are the enemy, the Leftists disguised as Right wingers. They have surrendered. They are letting the Left cheat on them, insult them, use them and laugh at them. They are weaklings, unable to face the truth that many other ethnic, religious, and interest groups have formed identities fundamentally at odds with their own. They continue to think that multiculturalism is an unqualified good. Yeah, because Yugoslavia’s diversity was such a good thing (sarcasm). 

For instance, most Muslims cannot become Americans, because doing so is fundamentally at odds with a proper Muslim identity. Most Blacks do not even want to become like Whites, who they regard (correctly in the case of Cuckservatives) as weak-minded fools, as marks to be hustled for money and sustenance. 

Naturally every rule has its exceptions (nobody would call Thomas Sowell or Alfonzo Rachel race hustlers, for instance), but Cuckservatives apply the exception to everyone, instead. All blacks are secretly conservatives in disguise, they believe. If only us evil Teabaggers, or whatever, could just moderate our positions, then everything would be okay. 

Cuckservatives are everywhere. In Sweden, I bet some are saying, of these fine gentlemen, “Muslims will become good Swedes, eating meatballs and waving our flags. We should bring in more of them, because doing otherwise is racist!” 

Some groups have aligned themselves with us on the Right, but these are the very same groups Cuckservatives betray. Cuban exiles, for instance, actually are staunch Conservatives but the Hispanic group Cuckservatives pander to is the Mexicans, most of whom wouldn’t vote Republican if you paid them to do so (the Democrats pay more, in any event). Vietnamese exiles similarly have a tendency to vote Conservative, but do you ever hear about them? Not a fucking peep. Cuckservatives are too busy sucking up to the Vietnamese regime in order to gain more cheap slave labor. Free trade, bitches. And they try to spin it as somehow capitalist that they call up tyrannical, socialist shitholes to make a deal. 

Not only do Cuckservatives let their wife turn into the town bicycle, they actively eschew her in order to watch degenerate porn instead, because it makes them feel good. At least, thinks the Cuckservative, I’m not one of those eeeevil teabagger racists. Then he brings up a picture of Lena Dunham mooing like a fat cow and going off about how fat is beautiful, and skinny people suck, and finishes himself off while the entirety  of Western culture, civilization and history circles the toilet bowl of progressive leftism. 

And they come out and say they hate people like me for pointing out that they are cowardly little shits

 They would rather kill their ostensible allies and side with their enemy. Morons.

In today’s presidential lineup, we have such eminent Cuckservatives as Jeb Bush, Mike Cuckabee, Chris Christie, and Lindsay Graham (there are more, obviously, but those stand out the most). I want to make this as clear as I possibly can, so nobody will misunderstand it:
I would rather vote for the zombified corpse of Richard Nixon than vote for any of these cuckolded clowns. 

Yup. This guy over the #cuckservative field. Hell, I’d vote for log swirling around in a public restroom before pulling the lever for a cowardly scumbag like Jeb Bush. 

They are as much a part of the problem as Leftism itself, for those who would beg and surrender, rather than fight, damage our morale more than the enemy every could. 

To hell with all the #Cuckservatives. Mock them, laugh at them, when one spews bullshit about immigration, yell from the crowd “hey, can I bang your wife too?” Because they presume to open the legs of your country, your civilization, and your culture out of fear that they might be called a name by some idiotic leftist. 

There is no better term for them that I can imagine.

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