Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Might Get Interesting


"Is America ready for a liberal rock-and-roll president?"

America is ready for anybody, Republican or Democrat, who can put the Sea Hag down and bury her in a crossroads with a stake through her heart.

Can you imagine the screams and screams and screams from Salon Magazine and the Huffington Post if the Hildebeest is beaten out in the primaries by a heterosexual White male? God, I'd love to hear that awe-inspiring sound! 

I hope this O'Malley guy goes for it, but we'll see. Remember all those FBI files the Sea Hag and Billyboy helped themselves to all those years ago? And now we learn that she's been running her own private black ops unit headed by the Jew Blumenthal? Let's hope Mr. O'Malley doesn't have anything blackmailable in his closet by way of skeletons. Not to mention the habit the Clintons' critics used to have back in the day, of turning up mysteriously dead.

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