Friday, May 29, 2015

Can O'Malley Slay The Hildebeest?

The Baltimore Sun is doing its duty by its old patron What's-His-Face O'Malley and giving him a boost for the Democratic primary. He's supposed to be announcing his official candidacy for President on Sunday. Basically, the Sun points out O'Malley's primary qualification for office: he is not Hillary Clinton. That's enough to get my vote right there, liberal jackass though O'Malley is.

You know, I think it's just possible that the Sea Hag might be knocked off her perch by another challenger, this time an actual heterosexual White male who looks good in a suit, no matter how horrific his actual politics are.

But I thought this time the old harridan really was inevitable? (Snicker snicker). Don't tell me some wicked howwible man is going to try yet again to take away what is rightfully hers? Does he not understand that it is her turn now? Stoopid male thing.


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