Monday, October 13, 2014

Mmmm...Let's Not Get Our Hopes Up TOO High

"Three weeks before Election Day, Republicans are on the brink of winning the Senate. But their advantage is so slight that a morale-sapping defeat is still very much possible."

The problem is that if the Republicans don't achieve some overwhelming landslide victory their morale, always weak-kneed at the best of times, will collapse and yet again the RINOs will come crawling up to whine that the party has to dump social issues and get rid of all those nasty conservative Christian  types and amnesty all those millions of illegal beaners (the electoral equivalent of blowing the GOP's own brains out) etc.

"Democrats currently control 55 seats in the Senate, meaning the GOP has to win six to take over the chamber. As we've said before, the best way to think about the Senate landscape is in tiers: The top three states look very likely to flip; the GOP appears to have smaller advantages in the next three states; the next bloc of three look like something close to pure toss-ups; and the incumbent party is favored in the races after No. 9. The races in our list are ordered by the likelihood of the seat flipping between the parties."

The big question is: will the Democrats be able effectively to deploy their two primary weapons: the massive non-White and welfare underclass they have deliberately created, and their vote fraud machinery to get illegal aliens, convicted felons, and repeat voters to vote multiple times in key districts--the old Mayor Daley trick?

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