Friday, October 17, 2014

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Okay, guys, here's my official prognostication as of this date:

The GOP will do well in the mid-terms and retain control of the House. My guess is that the Republicans will gain a couple of Senate seats but not the six seats necessary for control, and certainly not the 2/3 majority necessary to convict in an impeachment trial. 

It would be different if we could count on a few Democratic senators to do the necessary for the good of the country and vote to convict Barry and drag his baby-shit brown ass out of the White House, and certainly that would be a glorious thing to see, but in any case, so what if we did? President Joe Biden? Oh, come on, now! 

One of the reasons Barry keeps Biden on as Vice President is to make sure that the result of any impeachment would be so unappetizing as to act as a deterrent.

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