Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Let His Name Be Erased"

Matt Drudge ran this one with the headline "They Dare Not Speak His Name." More and more Democrats are fleeing from Barack Hussein Obama as from a thing unclean, which is what he is. He is a political and moral leper with a side dish of ebola. He should be roaming the halls of the White House in a hooded burlap robe with a medieval bell or clapper that he rings so that normal people will know him diseased and will avoid his touch.

The time will come when these eight years will be remembered as a terrible aberration, a time of horror and suffering, something the whole country will only want to forget. As the Jews say, Yemach schmo--"may his name be erased from the Book of Life." As if he had never been.

If only that were possible.

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