Sunday, September 21, 2014

Neat Cartoon and Apology

Before we allow this mulatto fool and the Zionist propaganda mill to send us once more leaping into places and wars where we have no business., shouldn't someone ask the generals in the Pentagon whether or not, after years of abuse,  the American military is in any shape to take on Iraq War III?

It could be that Barry's lame response to the whole ISIS war drum-beat of late has to do with the fact that he already has been told by the generals that the American military is now exhausted, demoralize, and bled dry after almost 13 years in the deserts and mountains swinging at shadows, and that all we can do now under any circumstances is drop bombs on babies, our preferred military strategy since the 1940s.

By the way, once more I apologize for my failure to keep this blog up on a daily basis. I just get busy with other stuff, especially now our summer slump appears to be over, and it just slips my mind.  My usual sincerely-intended promises to do better may be taken as read.

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