Monday, September 8, 2014

It's The Petty PC That Will Bring Dems Down

You know, I have often thought that when the Politically Correct One-Party State does in fact come crashing down around the Democrats' ears, it won't be anything major like Barry's complete disregard for the Constitution, or sodomitic marriage, or niggaz rioting in the streets.

It will be the petty PC crap like Michelle My Belle's stupid school lunch rules that try to feed growing adolescents rabbit food and ban them from eating anything that tastes good. Because the petty stuff is what people remember.

There is now an entire generation of school kids who will remember going into their cafeterias and receiving trays with a few slices of cantaloupe, a few springs of broccoli, some pile of veggie slop and a couple of brown crackers that taste like cardboard.

That's what an entire generation of new voters of all races will remember when they enter that voting booth and see that "D" on the levers.

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