Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Democrat Hush Rush Campaign


Looks like the left-lib democrat cyber-lynch mob has been discovered and exposed by the Daily Caller. The entire Hush Rush movement that began over the slut Sandra Fluke seems to consist of about ten people.

Okay, look, unlike many Whites, we do know that Rush Limbaugh is not perfect. He is not "one of us." As a multi-millionaire who glosses over the whole super-wealthy RINO problem, he can't be. He will inevitably side with his class.

Limbaugh has a bad Zionism problem. His lips remain pressed to Israel's putrescent and bloody ass.

But we have to stop expecting perfection in anyone who comes out of this system. It's not going to happen. The Brady Bunch is dead. The Democrats have succeeded in destroying normality, at least within the mainstream. 

Everybody has skeletons in their closet. There is no more ideological purity left of any kind. By definition, anyone who has advanced as far within the establishment as Limbaugh has is going to be compromised to a degree, just like anything that comes out of Hollywood is going to be compromised with political correctness somewhere along the line.

If nothing else, you just plain don't get as far as Limbaugh has gotten without kissing Jewish ass in a major way.

The above article is an interesting commentary on how the lefty cyber-lynch mob works. I'd suggest we norms try it as well on the left-libs, but that would be too much, like. work, man. That would be kind of, you know, getting involved, and I can't to that, man. Somebody might find out...

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