Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stop The Wishful Thinking, Guys

Guys--no. Sorry, but you need to stop engaging in wishful thinking based on comments by crabby old former Reagan officials. It is a cruel self-deception and it distracts from the desperate battle this nation must fight to keep a real monster out of the Oval Office.

The Beest is too big to indict. She's Hillary, don't you get it? and it's her turn. She gets to break the law; it's one of her perks that she gets for being Hillary. 

She will never be perp-walked and never appear in public in shackles wearing orange. It's a wonderful fantasy but it ain't happening, and you guys need to stop listening to ancient relics from the Reagan years in their third martini at the country club. She has a certificate of exemption from God, apparently. Hillary Clinton gets to to whatever the fuck she wants to do, and that includes ignoring all those petty little laws the rest of us have to obey. She is Woman, she is Democrat, she is multi-millionaire, hear her roar.

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