Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sorry, Breitbart. Ain't Happening.


Usual apologies for not keeping up the blog; I suppose I need to belay those, since I know everybody's getting tired of them. Thing is, let's face it--until Iowa Caucus day not much of anything is actually happening, just constant re-hashes of the SOS like the above from Breitbart.

Guys, I'm sorry, I still don't buy it. The bitch will never wear a stitch of orange or spend one night in a prison cell, never mind die there like she deserves if only in karmic balance for Bill White and Ed Steele. 

Don't you FBI guys get it yet? She's Hillary, and she's going to be your boss in about eleven months' time, signing your paychecks, so instead of investigating her crimes against humanity you will be aiding and abetting her with glee. It's not like you have any moral compass that will prevent you from collaborating with a power-mad tyrant who is arguably not in her right mind.

Look, I would like nothing better than to be proven wrong here and see this creature dragged screaming to and from court wearing an orange jump suit and steel shackles, which about all the justice victims are ever allowed here since there will be no dangling noose or guillotine. I hope I am proven wrong and somehow this society finally summons up the courage to vomit this poisonous being from its belly. But I ain't holding my breath.

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  1. I don't know...the FBI might be waiting for the moment of maximum impact. Imagine the scene as she's accepting the nomination and all of a sudden the news of her indictment comes through, right in the middle of her speech! Can you imagine the looks on those traitors' faces?

    That said, if she does become POTUS, there are some people (Juanita Broadderick, in particular) who'd be well-advised to expatriate.