Saturday, November 8, 2014

"We're Gonna Stop Him!" SUUUURE You Are...

The newly elected Republican Congress assures us that they’re going to stop Barack Hussein Obama’s plan to change forever the very nature of this country by amnestying 34 million violent and uneducated foreigners who have invaded our country. Suuuure they are.

Aides to conservative members of the U.S. Senate say their bosses are rallying around a strategy to prevent President Obama from taking executive action to move illegal immigrants toward citizenship: Use government funding bills to withhold the money the president needs to implement his plan.

Uh, okay. Sounds good for the rubes in the cheap seats. All very neat and clean and Constitutional and eighth-grade civics-y.

But question: just what is stopping Barry from using his executive pen to seize already-allocated funds from other departments? 

Or what is to stop Barry from looting the Treasury by sending goons to physically remove money? (Who would physically prevent them from doing so? Who would have the balls to fire on goons wearing federal badges?)

Or what if Barry simply calls up his Jewish buddy Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve and says, “Hey, Ben, how about running me off a few billion or so for walking-around money and Fed-exing it over here?" Other Third World leaders use their central banks as a personal ATM all the time.

At the same time, some of the Senate’s most conservative members are worried that party leadership could try to strike a deal with Democrats in the lame duck session on a longer-term spending agreement that could limit lawmakers’ ability to defund whatever Obama decides to do.

Yeah, the RINOs will do anything to avoid having to confront Barry and his media (not to mention his armed men) over anything. Why do you think the birth certificate thing was never pursued?

Okay, cut to the chase: Congress typically controls the executive branch through the power of the purse. Part of the wonderful system of checks and balances, right?

But that system was designed for educated, civilized White men who were dedicated to the principles of the Founders. What if you have a completely lawless president to begin with, who will simply ignore Congress in budget matters as he does in everything else and beg, buy, borrow or steal the money elsewhere? What happens then? 

What excuse will these yea-saying leeches in Congress find for not standing up to him then?

Anybody remember how the English (not American) Civil War started in 1642?

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  1. Harold, the republicans are whores that are used when democrats burn through their influence, only to be reinstated after republicans steal more money for Zion. Hillary will probably win 2016, and angry old white money will pay the cost of cowardice. They had every opportunity ahead of them to figure shit out and they blew it for the coast to coast shopping mall, so lets take advantage of these idiots while they remain useful. In 20 years the republicans will have nothing left to offer the white race as they pander further to color and as economic growth can no longer be supported.

    Fuck these suburban dilbert assholes, their jewish bosses, and shabbos leaders. Worse than the poor, they're slaves to debt and shill to protect their jobs.