Monday, November 3, 2014


Okay, here is my official prognostication for tomorrow:

The Republicans will do well, but not as well as some of our more deliriously optimistic commentators think. When push comes to shove, the 92 million unemployed members of the underclass will dutifully troop to the polls and pull the D lever. They are not complete fools; they understand the quid pro quo involved in their food stamps, EBT cards, Obama phones, and whatnot.

Plus there is the fact that normal people are now simply outnumbered by the freaks and faggots, the niggaz and the nuts, the beaners and the buttheads. Lack of voter ID laws in many states will lead to a lot of races being decided by illegal aliens, convicted felons, and other people who are not legally entitled to vote. This will be pretty blatant, and the Eric Holder "Justice" Department will do nothing at all about it.

The GOP may take the Senate, which in theory would give them the chance to undo the hideous event of Black Tuesday, 2008 through impeachment. They will not take it. They don't have the balls.

Barry will amnesty 34 million illegal aliens in December and find some way to get them on the voter rolls by 2016, which will herald the beginning of the Democratic one-party state.

Enjoy this election, dewds. It will probably be the last "real" one, as far as any of these dog-and-pony shows are real.

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