Monday, February 22, 2016

Bernie Is Screwed

I want to catch the very moment on Salon Magazine when all the liberal bitches and pajama boys suddenly have the scales fall from their eyes, as they realize that they are being screwed out of their Bernie and despite their annoying antics, the coronation of the Hildebeest is proceeding apace, as planned.

I want to hear those Salonistas scream and scream and scream as they realize that they'd been gulled, that the whole thing is a scam and there will never be a hippie-dippie Flower Power world where everybody runs around nekkid buggering anything with a pulse and goes Grazing in the Grass.  

I want to be there when these overgrown children leeching six-figure salaries off the taxpayer in 101 different forms understand that they are now in the hands of Nurse Ratchett. If not the Queen of Hearts.

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